The Newsletter

On the first of June, we sent out our first-ever newsletter! This is very exciting to me for a host of reasons, which are: 

  • I have come to find that news to your inbox is easier to access and digest than it is if you have to navigate to the website just to see it. It recently occurred to me that when it comes to my favorite newsletters, I have almost never visited the actual websites; I just rely on the emails to tell me what's up. Bonus if the formatting is pretty. 
  • We can directly update our audience with news about upcoming events, or about achievements by women in our community. In real time, no barriers, no delays. 
  • You can save or share a copy of the newsletter because it has its own URL. You can also locate past issues, apparently, just by clicking a link on the issue you're reading (since we're only on number one, we'll see how that shapes up!) 
  • More internet magic has provided me with code to install a pop-up subscription button that appears when you land on our website; once you either subscribe or decline, that pop-up will not appear again on your unique browser. And lastly: 
  • It's beautiful! 

I've been using MailChimp as a platform to build the newsletter and subsequent group emails; it's pretty simple but still not the most user-friendly experience, and I'm glad no one was around to witness me screaming at my computer when I couldn't figure out how to do something. But it is up and running, and I love it. I hope you'll subscribe to the newsletter, and I will see to it that we send helpful and interesting information to your inbox! 

- Elizabeth