Like Us On Facebook!

We've had some great developments in the past week! I created an official Facebook page for those interested in following and supporting the site via social media. We also have a new contributor - a lady I've had the pleasure of working with in Alaska. She's a complete badass, as well as a wonderful person. 

While we slowly build on our foundation, we are brainstorming ideas for new topics to discuss here. Among my favorites are: 

  • What kind of gear do you need to work on boats? Did you have any mishaps when you first went to sea and you didn't have the clothes or winter gear you needed to make it through your hitch? (for the record, I didn't have any of the stuff I needed when I went to Alaska for the first time on a tugboat; lucky for me, it was a mild January) 
  • How do you cope with being away from friends and family for long periods of time? 
  • Why do we choose workboats/ships over office jobs? 
  • What is it like living in close quarters with coworkers? 
  • Going through the process of license upgrades
  • What a maritime workplace with gender equality would look like

This is about ten percent of the ideas that our group has come up with, and it's enough to keep us talking for at least a year. 

There are yet more contributors to be added to the group! As we are all busy with work, life, license upgrades and studies, we'll check back soon to see the progress we've made. Thanks for your continued support.